Announcing the start of EINYME, a high-quality VR content
delivery platform optimized for idol live-action videos
Announcing the start of EINYME, a high-quality VR content delivery platform optimized for idol live-action videos
July 15th, 2016
Press Release

THETA Corporation (Head Office: Nakano Ward, Tokyo; President Masahiko Suzuki) will release EINYME on July 15th, 2016. This is a high-quality VR video delivery platform optimized for live-action videos featuring “Japanese idols.” People around the world will be able to experience such Japanese pop culture beyond time and space via VR. EINYME is a platform for delivering live-action VR content optimized for pop idol videos. The videos are very exciting because the viewer can almost touch the pop idol in the VR space. After registering as a member for free and downloading the content with a personal computer, the member can view the video with Oculus Rift or Gear VR. Some videos can currently be viewed for free. URL:


This service uses VR devices such as Gear VR and Oculus Rift to provide content for communication and interactivity with pop idols. The VR content can be downloaded from this platform worldwide for free or at cost.

The delivered content includes live-action VR content optimized to generate fan business, 180°/360° Stereo videos, and 4K high-resolution videos.

Besides having a platform to provide content for purchase by individual users, our business model also provides ASP to business clients who open accounts to deliver live-action VR content to generate fan business. Sales in our first year is slated to be ¥300 million.

■EINYME Features

1. Live-action VR content optimized for fan business.

2. High image quality delivery (180°/360° Stereo videos, 4K resolution)

3. Viewable with GEAR VR or Oculus Rift. Compatible display devices will be increased.

■EINYME Main Points

Content download: Free or at cost

How to view: Download the content with a PC, then use Gear VR or Oculus Rift for viewing.

Business accounts available: Dedicated accounts available for fan business generators who want to deliver live-action VR content.

■Operating Company: THETA Corporation's Three Strengths

Stereoscopic video and 3D audio effect technologies

To provide the "virtual reality" in live-action VR content, stereoscopic video and 3D audio effects are essential. THETA uses its own stereoscopic and 3D audio effect technologies based on multimodal human-senses research.

VR content production

Specialized camera equipment is used, and the recorded footage is converted and edited into 3D VR video using THETA's own technologies.

THETA does all the work in-house, including content planning, shooting, and technical workflows to produce immersive content.

System infrastructure development

THETA develops its own scalable infrastructure system and a delivery program that can handle high-load, live-action VR content delivery.