Announcing the release of the world's first
VR music video shot in "180°×STEREO
Announcing the release of the world's first VR music video shot in "180°×STEREO
November 24th, 2016
Press Release

THETA Corporation (Head Office: Nakano Ward, Tokyo; President Masahiko Suzuki, hereinafter, "THETA"), JAKOL CORPORATION, and Slow Curve have jointly released the world's first "VR music video" shot in "180°×STEREO.

This VR music video will have a major release on December 9th, 2016 by a major label called "VIC:CESS." The first major single will be "Effect" which is the normal-version Music Video. THETA also planned, shot, and edited the world's first VR music video using editing technology and camera equipment (patent pending) it developed itself. (

First major single "Effect"

■Four features of this VR music video

(1) Shot in stereo with patent-pending camera equipment.

Two cameras equipped with high-resolution, high-sensitivity sensors were used. By using special camera equipment developed by THETA, outstanding video quality can be obtained without making the VR viewer queasy or uncomfortable.

(2) Edited and composited with VFX (visual effects).

To enhance the user's viewing experience, VFX (visual effects) have been incorporated. Besides the recorded video, the music's audio level was analyzed and the audio source was linked to graphic animation. This amplifies the user's "experience" and "tension."

Diverse animation was synchronized with the music's audio level using VFX.

(3) Up close with the artist entering the viewer's personal space.

To make the artist look more realistic, the shooting plan emphasized the artist's movements and performance that would enter the viewer's personal space. This gives the viewer added thrills and a better 3D experience.

The performers approach and enter the viewer's personal space.

(4) New live effect by splicing together footage.

The transition of each scene was adjusted to match the music. By splicing the scenes into a natural sequence, we created a "new experience." Unlike conventional music videos, it gives the illusion of a live performance right in front of your eyes.

VR brings a new viewing experience to music videos.

■Upcoming Plans

As described above, THETA will continue to develop VR music videos and produce live-action VR content as stereoscopic videos. Also, in addition to major platforms in Japan, we will form alliances with major overseas companies especially in Asia and North America to provide quality content.

THETA Corporation

Head Office: YS Garden 704, 2-1-8 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Established: January 6th, 2016

Representative Director: Masahiko Suzuki

Lines of Business: VR video production, VR content delivery


Jakol Corporation

Head Office: 3-5-19 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Established: March 2007

Representative Director: Seiro Kudo

Lines of Business: Entertainment production operation, talent management, others


Slow Curve Co., LTD

Established: April 2016

Representative Director: Kosuke Kimura

Lines of Business: Talent management and planning, WEB projects

Press Release Contact

THETA Corporation, Contact: Masahiko Suzuki

Phone: 03-6383-3362

Email: [email protected]

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