"Tokimeki Meteor," a live-action 3D gravure VR
that THETA helped to shoot, now on MoguraVR
"Tokimeki Meteor," a live-action 3D gravure VR that THETA helped to shoot, now on MoguraVR
February 19th, 2017
Report Subject

THETA's video creative team helped shoot the first installment of iid, Inc.'s "Tokimeki Meteor" series. MoguraVR did a report on our shooting.

"Tokimeki Meteor" is VR content that brings you close to your favorite pop idol or pinup model. The first installment features pinup models Yuka Kuramochi and Mizuki Hoshina. The Creative Director of this series is Kaminari Kozo who works as a designer and producer. Unlike other VR works, he aims to make this an outstanding series by incorporating high image quality, high quality, and a story.

This series also has the cooperation of LIVE ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. which is bundling simple VR googles as part of the package being offered for sale at bookstores and electronics shops. It targets the mass market to increase the VR segment among those who have never experienced VR.

Tokimeki Meteor Vol. 1 Yuka Kuramochi" and "Tokimeki Meteor Vol. 2 Mizuki Hoshina" will go on sale on Friday, March 31st, 2017 as both package and digital editions. The package edition will be priced at ¥4,000 (excluding tax). The official website will provide details on the content and on how to purchase the digital editions. Such information will also be provided on Twitter. (Excerpted from MoguraVR's report.)

Yuka Kuramochi

Mizuki Hoshina

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